Actually, there is such a thing as a dumb question

Image Credit  I’m a big fan of questions. I’m endlessly curious, truly interested in people’s origin stories. We’d all be more connected if we just told each other about the messy, convoluted, zig-zaggy paths and resets we’ve done in life. I suppose that’s why I headed to journalism school. What’s cooler than getting paid to

Most important work skills (and their drivers) in 2020

The Institute for the Future just published a (UPhoenix-sponsored) report on the future of work. Not much of this is surprising. I’m glad to see virtual collaboration as an important skill. Anyone who works remotely knows this. I consider myself a hybrid worker – some at home, some on campus. If I’m honest, I prefer

Are You Open To Open? Joining The OER Revolution One Course At A Time!

What do UNESCO, the federal government and Amazon have in common? They’re all supporting the quiet revolution of Open Education Resources. But like any good revolution, awareness can take some time to spread. And OER has a bit of an identity problem. So what exactly are OER? Much more than free information on a web

Job Interview? The Most Important Prep You’re Not Doing

I’ve hired a lot of people over the years. The candidates and roles have changed, but one thing hasn’t. Most candidates come to the interview with little to no knowledge of the company or the industry. Why do people skip this vital piece of preparation?  It can’t be from lack of information. Article after article